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Quality and food safety

Quality and food safety indicates our performance

Take khosheh tala executed a suitable schedule for production, includes GMP (good manufacturing practice) requirements, assures that  the products are processed in most sanitary environment possible, kept free  from contamination. with detailed inspection, raw materials be selected and then washed, sorted, packed, metal detected, and after all Re-inspection, fumigated, finally loaded in  containers. the traceability of the product is possible by checking Lot no during the processing. We're trying to eliminate quality issues by Spent enough time and investment on employers, Training, Equipment, facility, Hygienics and quality. food Technicians and quality control department inspected all products in case of physical ,chemical and microbiological analysis, at all of the required stage of process in collaboration with our own and outside official laboratories institution. Facility, laboratory, products of company are inspected and be confirmed by Standard organization and organization of food and drug of Iran (FDAI).

Trust, honesty, respect and transparency in relations, which are basic principles that our QC department  emphasizes on them. We try to adequately provide the needs of our clients by supplying to an agreed specification which include food safety legislation and certificate of final analysis to giving them whatever  want. Our technical team are trained and updated according to current legislation requirements in the field of food processing procedures and control methods. for Take khooshe Tala quality and food safety are an inseparable part of each individual process steps.

We look to replicate success, learn from  mistakes and develop the ideas and innovation that will help  us to be succeed. our policy based on improved  constantly customer satisfaction and create a perfect company, We relentlessly strive to exceed the world,s ever- changing expectation, because providing high quality products is our main aim in business. Our mission is achieving the trust and satisfaction of clients and creating value for them, continuous improvement passion for high quality, excellent services and became a leading company in field  of dried fruits.


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