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Take  khosheh tala. Co is One of the most prominent and the largest supplier in the field of processing and exporting of dried fruits in Iran and west Azarbaijan.  It has been able to introduced Takineh brand to the foreign markets,with diligent and efficient management through 15 years. Awarded 6 title  of best exporter by the organization of industry, mine and trade represents the continuation of the company's export during 15 years And that has been happened with the idea of the quality and provide food product from Demands  and legislation of the consumer countries. The strength of take khosheh tala is providing the high quality products from the best regions gardeners.We buy the raw materials After annually quality control by  experts before the production process. Take khosheh tala's Processing line is equipped with modern technology which are National or abroad Manufacturing. Monitoring and control of food production line and the final product is done by the technicians. Products will be packed after considering the consumers needs and interests. So it is possible that different types of cartons be provided to the customer order. also our commercial team has  unique ability for introducing products, and act as an advisor for customers in goods sales and offer the best choice for them.

Product differentiation must be in line with consumer mentality


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