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TAKE KHOOSHE TALA .co with TAKINEH  trade mark in area of 14,000 square meters and Foundation 3,600 sq.M was established at 19 km Mahabad road in Urmia , and started its extensive business in 2000. Our purpose is production and exporting different kinds of dates, raisins, and pistachios. The company with proper planning and management was able to produce higher than anticipated capacity and exported to different countries in the first year of its activity. And also has more growth in the following years. Now with several years' experience and modern technology The Company guarantees to provide products with best quality at competitive prices.

The factory is equipped with the updated technology, and consists dates processed line, raisins processed line. Dates processed line includes washing, hand sorting, packing and metal Detecting. And raisins processed line includes several aspirators, Null Catcher, screens, color sorter, laser sorter, hand sorting, packing and metal detecting devices to enable the Take Khooshe Tala to produce the highest quality and give excellent service to customers.

With an efficient management system, its dedicated personnel and based on customer orientation and regular improvement, TAKE KHOOSHEH TALA co has been able to give priority to customer satisfaction and tries to improve its business and develop its scope of activities based on the feedback received from its customers.


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